Saturday, 22 February 2014

Safe Walking

In week one on Tuesday 4 February, Senior Constable Kerry Fenton  took our class  for a walk around the block.
We learned about safe walking. We practised walking safely along the footpath by walking on the house side where we were all well away from the traffic on the road.
Mr Fenton told us that when you come to a 'sneaky' driveway we need to use the "Stop, Look and Listen" kerb drill before we can safely cross the driveway.
When we cross Moonshine Road with the school patrol, we need to wait until the patrolers say "Signs out! Cross now!" before we can walk quickly across the pedestrian crossing.
When we stopped at the pedestrian crossing on Fergusson Drive, Mr Fenton showed us that we need to push the button and wait one step back from the kerb. We can safely cross when the green man flashes. We need to walk briskly across the pedestrian crossing and keep looking each way for traffic as we cross.

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  1. Lots of great learning about safety Room 17! Well done!