Saturday, 22 February 2014


During weeks two and three we have been fortunate to have had three swim instructors from H20 Xtream come and teach us swimming in our own school pool for 30 minutes on Monday to Thursday.
Group one swimmers have been practising blowing bubbles and putting their faces in the water. They learned how to float on their fronts. They also practised floating on their backs using noodles with help from Arna. 

Group two swimmers with Gen, learned how to swim widths across the pool on their fronts and backs using a streamlined body position. They were good at floating like starfish and enjoyed playing the shark game.

By the end of the eight sessions with Rhiann, group three swimmers could swim a whole length of our school pool using freestyle and backstroke swimming.

All of the children in Room 17 have improved in their swimming skills. I am so proud of your efforts.

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