Sunday, 17 September 2017

Room 15 have made some fantastic calendar art. Come and take a look. It is on display in our classroom window.  Don't forget all orders are to be placed by this Friday, 22nd September.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

8.7.16 Whole school Assembly

It was exciting for our class when Owen received the Principal's Award for our value of the term for Excellence. 
Here he is with his certificate and books.

6.7.16 Koru Team Wearable Arts Show

When Room 15 looked at the four seasons, we decided to jazz-up our winter clothes, as winter is a season where you need to wear layers and keep warm. Janine, our creative librarian, came up with the idea of upcycling, which is using old clothes to make new clothes. 
On the computers in the library, we did some research about upcycling to find out all the things that we could make.
As part of the inquiry process, we drew a person (ourselves) and labeled some winter accessories to go on it.
Then we sorted out the best materials from the old clothes that people had brought in that we could use to make our winter accessories.
We had a lot of help from Heather Turner and Janine Holcroft who spent quite a lot of their time sewing our items on their sewing machines.
In the last week before our Wearable Arts Show, we decorated our items. Mrs Hurren was great with the hot-glue gun to ensure that the feathers, buttons and bright bits stayed stuck on!
We made items like beanies, leg warmers, belts, arm warmers, cuffs, bags, scarves, vests, skirts, gloves and mittens.
Didn't Room 15 do well?! Don't they look good?!
Here are all of us as a class, dressed up and waiting for our turn on the catwalk.

Monday, 4 July 2016

5.7.16 The Laughing Samoans

This morning we had a visit from two men who call themselves the 'Laughing Samoans'. They explained to us that they are part of a team of people who are visiting schools around New Zealand to inspire young leaders and encourage New Zealanders to dream big by 'believing that they can' like Sir Peter Blake. We viewed a short YouTube clip about him. The two men shared their stories of their journeys to become successful people.

Then they put on black wigs and did a funny show together. We laughed and laughed.

At the end we had our photos taken with them.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

6.6.16 Gymnastics

During the last five weeks the children have been practising their gymnastic skills on the equipment in the hall.

30.5.16 Measuring in Maths

The children are learning about the need to use more standard units of measurement, making sure there are no gaps.

27.5.16 Make-a-Wish Day

Some children enjoyed dressing up as a super hero for Make-a-Wish Day.