Saturday, 25 April 2015

Last session of Tennis on 21.4.15

    On Tuesday we had our final session of tennis with Tom. The children have been practising lots of different movement skills with the tennis balls and racquets. 
    One popular activity that the children liked was the 'racing car' one where they had to move the ball around their racquet. This required them to use quite a bit of hand-eye coordination.
    Note the looks of concentration from these children! They also liked the 'fish in the net' skill where they had to drop the ball on the court and then catch it on their racquet.
    The sessions ended with children partnering up and hitting the tennis ball to each other from 'low to high'. Tuesday's session ended with a partnered 'rolling rally'. 
    Children were practising using forearm (one hand on racquet) and backhand (two hands on racquet) strokes to roll the ball to each other.

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