Thursday, 22 May 2014

Koru Team Cross Country Race

The following are some of today's stories about yesterday's Cross Country run. Enjoy!

The Cross Country.   By Kezia Nolan 
My Mum and Owen came to watch me. I felt happy and I had fun. We ran two times around the field.
I came twenty-nineth in the race.

Yesterday afternoon we had our Junior Cross Country on the Junior field. I came twenty third. We had to run two times around the field. I felt puffed and I had a stitch in my throat. It was hard to breathe.
By Courtnay Lundon 

In the Cross Country I came eleventh. I felt proud of myself before the race started.  I had to run around the field twice.  While I was running my Mum said "Well done Liam! Keep on running".
By Liam Aitken

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