Thursday, 3 April 2014

Keeping Ourselves Safe

With our inquiry (topic study) in weeks 5-8 of this term, we have been looking at how to keep ourselves safe. Constable Fenton has come into each of the junior classes to help with some of the sessions. 
We have explored a lot of important ideas to do with this topic. 
We started off learning about the importance of knowing our full names, addresses and telephone numbers in case we get lost. We viewed a Brian and Bobby DVD to show this.
We learned about some of the different feelings that we can have.

Then we learned about the proper names for our body parts. A few of these names were new to us.

Next we learned about touch that we like, touch that we don't like (that hurts us) and touch that confuses us.

We explored different situations that we might find ourselves in where we need to say "no" to touch that hurts us or makes us feel uncomfortable. We sung a song that helps us remember what to do and we did some shared writing about tickling that goes on for too long:

We learned about the difference between keeping good suprises and bad secrets.

We learned about stranger danger.

During our last session with Constable Fenton on 27 March, we learned about all the people that we have around us who we can go to to ask for help, from our immediate family, to different people at school, to people in our wider community.

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