Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Final experiment with cream on 22.9.15

Our final extension experiment using cream was to see whether adding a clean marble to one of the jars had any effect on turning the cream into butter.

    The two jars had the same amount of cream in them and they were the same size jars. We began shaking them at the same time. Go Jynaiah!
    Then Charli had a turn.

    Koro had his turn.
    Sophie is showing us the cream separating out into buttermilk (the watery liquid that you can see) and the lump of butter.
    As well as looking carefully to see what happened, Jessie is giving it the sniff test.
    Both jars took the same amount of time and shaking to turn the cream into butter. So adding the marble did not make a difference to our experiment even though we tried it twice!
    Here we are logging our experiment.

   And because we've been learning all about fractions this term, we spread our butter on toast and cut  the toast into quarters four different ways. The unsalted butter was delicious!

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