Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Popcorn 1/9/15

In science this afternoon we went to Room 14. We looked at a photo of a corn field and talked about the history of popcorn. We learnt that corn kernels get cut off the corn cob and tossed around in a machine that heats them up. This dries them up and makes them really hard - this is popping corn! 

We passed some popping corn around the class to look at it and feel it. 

It felt really hard! We couldn't eat it because it would break our teeth! We put a small scoop of popping corn into a popcorn maker. The machine heated the corn which changed it. We could hear popping and popcorn starting coming out of the machine! 

The hard, yellow kernels changed into soft, white popcorn that we could eat. The small scoop of popping corn made a whole bowl of popcorn! 

 Then we got to eat the popcorn...

It was really yummy!

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