Thursday, 17 September 2015

Circus fun day! 18/9/15

Today was circus fun day! Lots of people dressed up and we had a great day doing lots of different activities with our buddy class. 

We warmed up with some relay races. 

After that we danced with Mr Garner as we played 'Buddy Buddy' and musical chairs. 


Jynaiah and Marino are playing pin the nose on the clown!

Riley, Bella, Cindy and Sophie showing the trapeze artists they made. 

We also practised our hoolahoop skills....

And our tightrope walking skills! 

Lachlan drew an awesome clown. 

Nate is doing the bean bag throw. 

Belła is trying to get the beanbag in the clown's mouth. 

We worked together colouring in giant clowns!

Lucas is working on a circus day word find. 

In Room 1 we played tenpin bowling,

Mouse hole roll,

And penny toss. 

Great focus, Jason!

Awesome costumes girls. 

We also played hoop throwing games. 

In Room 2 we were throwing bean bags through hoops. 

Nice shot!

We also threw frogs onto lilypads. 

A great day was had by all! 

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