Monday, 24 August 2015

Ice! 25/8/15

Today in Mr Searle's class we put ice cubes in different areas of the room and predicted the order that the ice would melt.

Then we sat in a circle and passed an ice cube around. It melted in our hands because they are warm. 

Mr Searle had a ball of ice. We all felt it and it was smooth.... And very cold! 

After that Mr Searle poured salt on the ice ball. It melted the ice making it bumpy and rough. 

He poured green food colouring on it so we could see the roughness. 

Next we checked on the melting ice cubes. Melting results (fastest to slowest):
1. Ice cube on the heater
2. Ice on the red table
3. Ice by the window
4. Ice in the cloakbay

We also got to eat iceblocks! They were yummy. 

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