Sunday, 23 August 2015

Basketball skills on 13 August 2015

The following piece of writing is by Finn Bolitho:
Today we played basketball. First we played Ship, Shark, Shore. I was the second to last person to win. But I lost. Second we played dribbling the ball. That was practise.
    We needed to have our eyes looking up. We also had to use our finger tips. 

    We also had to have the ball below our waist.
    Next we played Stuck in the Mud.
    After that we played a game called Stop Troll. George was the one who was stopping us. When he turned around we needed to balance the ball and hold it. If we lost the ball we would need to go to the yellow line.
    Finally we got to play the game that we play last of all on all of the basketball lessons.
    I got 5 or 4 goals.

    My favourite thing at basketball is shooting hoops because we get to shoot the ball into the air and I get lots of goals.  by Finn Bolitho
    Charlotte Lander: My favourite thing at basketball is Follow the Leader because you get to dribble.
    Kaleb Demanser: My favourite thing at basketball is Stop Troll. I like it because it's super challenging and I like challenging games. We could only dribble the ball when George is looking away.

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