Saturday, 23 May 2015

School Cross Country on Friday 8.5.15

    The postponement day dawned fine and clear. We had a whole afternoon of spectating the races.
    Here are the year 2 boys lining up for their race.
    ...and they're off!
    Finn is getting into his stride. Nate is keeping him in sight.
    Some are making sure that they enjoy the race. Way to go Lucas, Nate and Jason!
    Riley and Kaleb have managed to avoid the pile-up at the back in the mad scramble to leave the   starting blocks...
    The first few year 2 boys have arrived at the finish line. Well done Finn!
    Ropiha is putting in a big effort just before the finish line.
    Next the year 2 girls line up with Mr Searle for their race.
    Jessie is in the lead. One more lap to go...
    Bella's getting into her stride and still smiling!
    Go Kayla!
    Jessie is proud of her first placing in the Y2 girls' race.
    Cindy finishes up in the field. Keziah lines up as Mrs Olliver writes down her third placing.
    Kayla's happy with her efforts.
    Charli has also given her best and is glad that's over!
    Overall in Y2, Finn placed second in the boys' race, Jessica McLennan placed first and Kezia Tuuina got third in the girls' race. The top ten place getters in each race have an opportunity to compete in the Upper Valley Cross Country Competition on Sunday 24 May. Good luck with your races all three of you.

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