Friday, 13 March 2015

Te Roopu Koru Tennis on 10.3.15


           I liked tennis. We bounced the ball on the racquet.    by Jessica Nicol



    I learned to play tennis with Tom. We bounced the ball up and down. It was very easy. I liked 
    playing tennis. I loved tennis and we pretended to make the ball be a car and the bat was the road.
                                                    by Sophie McKissock



    We went to tennis. I liked tennis because we got to spin the ball around the racquet. Also we         bounced the ball up and down. Also we threw the ball up and then we let it bounce on the ground once. Then we caught it.        by Luca Hall


   I liked when we bounced the ball with the racquet. We were at tennis. We threw the ball over the net. 
   My buddy was Jynaiah.        by Cindy Giddens

    Room thirteen went to tennis with Tom today. I like tennis. I liked catching the fish in my racquet.
    Then I liked playing cars. Then I spun the ball around on my racquet. Then I carried the ball in my     
    hand. Then I used my other arm to catch the ball in my hand.   by Nate Symons



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