Friday, 13 March 2015

Inquiry Clubs started on 3.3.15

As part of our Term 1 Inquiry topic the Koru Team children have been given an opportunity to choose to be part of one of the following six clubs on Tuesday afternoons for the next three weeks.
They continued on Tuesday 10 March. The final session will be held on 17 March.

After the first session, the children got into their club groups and worked cooperatively to come up with a group poster. 

The next day they used the ideas on these posters to help do some individual writing about the clubs that they attended.


On Tuesday afternoon I went to room 14. First we listened to some music. Then we shook the maracas. I felt sad because I wanted to play the drums.   by Lachlan Frost
                              (Maybe you'll get to play the drums next time Lachlan.)

On Tuesday afternoon we went to Mrs Walker's room to make pizza. We put mushroom and we put pepper and we got some onion and cheese. Then we took it home to cook.      by Jynaiah Rangiawha

On Tuesday afternoon I went into room 19. In room 19 I made a peacock. I made it by folding green paper. Then I decorated it. I felt awesome because I've never made one before.  by Kaleb Demanser

On Tuesday afternoon I went to room 19 and I made a peacock. First I folded blue coloured paper into a fan. Then I cut out a body. I put on googly eyes and feathers too. Then I glued the body on the fan. Then I decorated it. I felt happy because I have never made a peacock before.  by Jessie McLennan

On Tuesday afternoon we played basketball with Mr Searle. We dribbled the ball. Then we put the ball around our back.  by Marino Rapana-Ratana

On Tuesday afternoon we stayed in room thirteen with Mrs Kay. We went to the junior field and the first PE game we played was Cat and Mouse. Then we played Farmer, farmer may I cross your river? 
I felt really excited because I have never played it before.    by Finn Bolitho


On Tuesday afternoon I went to room 20. The teacher was Mrs McGimpsey. I was in the science group. I learned what sticks to the magnet and what didn't stick to the magnet. I felt happy because I got to see what metal sticks to the magnet.   by Jason Little

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