Thursday, 19 February 2015

Swimming over these past three weeks 20.2.15

    Today we had our final session of swimming. 
    We began with a fun water safety activity rescuing our buddy using a noodle. 

    We also did a few fun class activities like making waves, swimming through the waves to 
    the other side, making whirlpools and swimming through hoops.

      We finished off with a race involving a buddy and two noodles entwined like a chain. 

    Over the three weeks of swimming many children have gained in water confidence 

    and improved in their swimming skills. The middle group have been working on using a 
    streamlined body position when gliding on their backs.

    The more confident swimmers have been working on breathing correctly when doing freestyle

                          by 'putting their ear on their arm' to take a breath.

   This group of swimmers have also been working on learning the correct arm movements 
   for backstroke swimming.

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