Saturday, 14 February 2015

Inquiry learning on 13.2.15

    Our inquiry topic this term is to do with the concept of diversity and the context in which the Koru      Team children are learning is about groups that we belong to. 

    We introduced our big idea in Room 13 on Friday by finding out what the children understand
    by the question "What is a group?"
    I was impressed with some of the definitions that they shared...

    We then went on to talk about what groups the children could be put into within our class.
    These are a few of the ideas that we came up with:

    This will lead us onto carrying out some authentic statistical investigations in Maths over the next 
    several days, including displaying our class data on each of these ideas and coming up with some 
    shared class statements that we can draw from each data display.
    School Picnic: I'm looking forward to meeting Room 13 parents and children informally at our picnic
    this Wednesday 18 February. This will be a chance for you to catch up with other parents too and 
    for the children to join with some games after tea. There will also be an opportunity for you to visit 
    our classroom with your child. See you then!

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