Monday, 4 August 2014

The Whole School NED Show on 4/8/14

The man used lots of tricks with his yo-yo to tell the children the Ned story. He was quite clever and humorous.

On Monday we watched the Ned Show. The man did some tricks with a tissue. He put it in his mouth and he pulled the tissue out.        written by Fernando Nu'a  (Room 17)

The Ned Show was funny and awesome. The man did tricks. He was from America. The yo-yo went up and down. The man made a star with the yo-yo. He was walking the dog around the world. I liked the Ned story.       written by Jennifer-Rose Hosking. (Room 17)

On Monday we went to the Ned Show. It was funny. The man made a star with the yo-yo. He made the Eifel Tower. He made a roller coaster. He told a story. There were aliens in it. There was Ned in it. He had a bad attitude. He went around the world.    written by Riley Scott. (Room 17)

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